P-06 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the P-06 in Black Ops 3

P-06 Afterburner

The P-06 is a charge burst Sniper Rifle in Black Ops 3. This sniper rifle is fun to use and the sight it comes with is funky too.

The sniper rifle can kill in one burst if all shots land on target. Making this weapon very accurate and powerful from long range. This sniper can kill in one shot if shots land on the head, shoulder or neck.

Recommended attachments for the P-06 are Ballistics CPU, Fast Mags and Rapid Fire. The Suppressor is also a great attachment on all snipers because it doesn’t negate the damage in any way.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 90 per shot or 2 shots to kill.
  • Recoil: Low to Moderate
  • Sway: Low
  • Rate of Fire: 1800RPM

Best Classes

Class 1 – P-06 Afterburner

This class is great for everything. The P-06 comes loaded with the Varix 3 scope, Fast Mags and Suppressor. Equipment is the C4 with Shock Charge and Afterburner, Hard Wired and Gung Ho as perks.

P-06 Afterburner

Class 2 – P-06 Stealthy

The class is great for staying off the mini map. The P-06 is kitted with Extended Mags, Rapid Fire and Ballistics CPU with the RK5 as secondary. One Concussion and Ghost, Fast Hands and Blast Suppressor as perks.

P-06 Stealthy

Class 3 – P-06 Tactical

This class is great for the more tactical players. The P-06 is fitted with Extended Mags, Suppressor and Rapid Fire. The Semtex as equipment with Flak jacket, Tracker and Tactical Mask as perks.

P-06 Tactical

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