PC latest Advanced Warfare patch notes below: 3/3/15! Havoc now live on PC!

Below is a list of the patch notes from Sledgehammer Games for the latest Advanced Warfare PC patch. Havoc DLC also went live on PC today after a failed attempt last week.


DLC 1 Havoc New Content:
New Maps Added for Multiplayer and Exo Survival: Drift, Urban, Core, and Sideshow.
New Mode Added: Exo Zombies.
New Weapon Added: AE4, and 10 of the AE4 variants have been added to the loot pool.
Added DLC playlists; HAVOC TDM and HAVOC Mosh Pit.
Added the Havoc DLC maps to the map rotation in the Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist.

In-Game Updates:
Full Royalty Character Loot Set unlocked.
Connectivity Optimizations.
Connectivity and matchmaking improvements when in a party.
Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.
Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
Fixed a rare issue where players were not able to spawn into the game.
Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn without a gun.

Weapon Balancing Updates PC
Heavy weapons: increase player movement speed by 5%
Corrected scopes on the AE4.
MK14 – reduced recoil
ARX160 – increased magazine size
AMR9 – increased damage, decreased time between bursts
SN6 – reduced recoil
KF5 – mid damage range increased
Atlas 45 – mid damage range increased, max damage range increased
PDW – increased damage
Shotguns: reduced spread when using Gung-Ho
S12 – increased fire rate, increased damage
EPM3 – reduced recoil
Lynx – reduced recoil
ASM1 – slightly reduced initial fire rate

UI Updates:
Rare Supply Drop Error messages when opening fixed.
Added a display for how many free slots you have in the Armory from the “Redeem Items” menu.
Replaced the camouflage images for Diamond and Royalty with the correct images in the Create-A-Class menu.
Replaced the Valkyrie loadout for the Centurion loadout for players who were incorrected rewarded this character gear in Clan Wars.
Fixed an issue where duplicates of unlocked items were showing in the New Items list.
Fixed an issue where some Create-A-Class were showing the incorrect lock status when selecting a Permanent Unlock when Prestiging.
Adjusted kill feed speed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.

Challenges Updates:
Removed ability to earn more than one of a non-redeemable character gear from the Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
Players will no longer receive a Daily Supply Drop Challenge for non-redeemable gear they have already acquired.
Removed the incorrect challenge for the Crossbow Scope to unlock at 10 kills.

Emblem Updates:
Fixed an issue where the Emblem would sometimes apply incorrectly to the player card.

Scorestreak Updates:
Sentry Gun turrets now die in one melee hit.
Decreased the amount of time the player has to hold X to exit a remote controlled Sentry Turret.
Unmodified Missile Strike missiles now travel faster when boosting (by hitting the fire button while coming down).
The Vulcan laser scorestreak now fires longer.

Ranked Play Updates:
Added probation time for players who do not complete or disconnect from Ranked Play matches.
Will properly award Division Points in the case of a forfeited match (when the entire other team leaves).

Broadcaster Updates
Adjusted the colors and over all look for Broadcaster mode to make text and names easier to read and a better experience for viewers.
Fixed a rare issue where HUD elements would get stuck on the broadcaster’s screen.

Game Mode Specific Updates:
S&D: Added UI to show if you were attacking or defending at the start of the round.
One Shot: Increased Kill Confirmed score limit to 80 in the One Shot Mosh Pit playlist.
Gun Game: Added a leaderboard for Gun Game.

Map Specific Updates:
Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.

Exo Survival Updates:
Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.