PDW Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the PDW in Advanced Warfare!

The PDW is a fully automatic Handgun in Advanced Warfare. The PDW is a great close quarter secondary weapon because of the Fast Fire rate. It’s a great reliable for run and gun SMG like classes. It hasn’t got the best damage rating and its most effective in Close Quarter Combat or when an enemy has already taken some damage.

Best Variants.

The best PDW variants are the Chucker(Elite) and the Condensed(Marksman, 300 kills). The PDW Chucker adds 3 to Fire Rate taking 1 from Damage, Accuracy and Range. The Condensed adds 2 to Fire Rate sacrificing 2 to Handling.

Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 26-18 or 4-6 shots to kill close range and long range, respectively.
  • Rate of Fire: 750RPM.
  • Recoil: High.
  • Range: Close range.

Source: Drift0r.


Best Classes.

The classes below feature the PDW as a secondary. You choose which Primary you want to use!

Class 1 – Akimbo Ghost.

Lightweight and Low Profile here for fast and Stealthy movement. Lightweight with Exo Overclock activated makes you super fast. Gung-Ho combined with the PDW Akimbo makes for a sick combination. Because of the fast Fire Rate and Akimbo attachment you will really need them Extended Mags. Toughness is used here to ensure better accuracy when firing from the hip with the Akimbos.

Akimbo Ghost


Class 2 – Lightweight PDW.

Here the PDW is equipped with Extended Mags and Tactical Knife. Lighweight to keep you fast on your feet, Fast Hands so you can switch to your PDW fast. Blast Suppressor to keep your Exo Blast off the HUD and Toughness so you flinch less when shot. Exo Stim will give you that extra health boost when you need it.
Lightweight PDW

Class 3 – PDW Stealth.

Flak Jacket is used here to protect you from explosives and Lightweight to counteract the slower movement caused by the Flak Jacket. Peripherals to give you a wider view of the HUD and Scavenger to keep your ammo up. The Exo Trophy System will help keep you safe from incoming enemy projectiles. In this class the PDW is kitted out with the Red Dot Sight and the Suppressor to keep you from appearing on the radar.

Stealth PDW