Pytaek Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the Pytaek in Advanced Warfare!

The Pytaek is an LMG in Advanced Warfare, similar to the LSAT in Black Ops 2. The Pytaek packs a nice punch per round with a huge Ammo capacity(100 rounds). The Recoil on this gun is interesting. For the first 10 rounds the Recoil is high but after the first ten rounds the Recoil is nearly non existent and the Pytaek becomes a very accurate weapon. It is best fired in long and sustained bursts. However, if using the Pytaek to just pick off enemies, the Foregrip is recommended to control the Recoil.

The Iron Sights on the Pytaek are very obstructive and an Optical attachment is highly recommended. This weapon is best suited to defensive play.

Best Variants.

The best Variants are the Exploit(Elite), Eradicator(Enlisted) and the Hasty(Marksman- 300 kills).  The Exploit adds 3 to Range sacrificing 1 to Fire Rate and Accuracy. The mag capacity is 25 less than normal with this Variant. The Eradicator adds 1 to Damage and takes 1 from Range. The Hasty adds 1 to Fire Rate and adds 25 rounds to the mag and finally takes 2 from Accuracy.


Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 40-24 or 3-5 shots to kill from close and long range respectively.
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.1x Headshot.
  • Range: 3 shots to kill at 13m, poor for LMG’s. 4 shot at 40m.
  • Rate of Fire: 631RPM.
  • Recoil: None after first 10 shots.

Source: Drift0r.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – Silenced Thermal.

This class is great on the outdoorsy maps like Instinct. The Thermal helps you spot enemies hiding in hidden corners. The suppressor works great on the Pytaek because you know how loud and revealing LMGs are. Flak Jacket and Low Profile as Perk 1. Fast Hands as Perk 2 because LMGs take so long to reload and the PDW will be available fast if you need it in a sticky situation. Blast Suppressor as Perk 3 for extra stealth. Exo Shield is used here for added protection especially if you get caught reloading. Scorestreaks here are UAV with added Assist Points, the Orbital Care Package and the Bombing Run.

Thermal Silenced



Class 2 – Rapid Pytaek.

This class works well in TDM because the more Rapid Fire rate and more importantly the Parabolic Microphone. We all know how everyone in TDM runs a suppressor. Lightweight as Perk 1, the Pytaek will slow you down trust me. Blind Eye as Perk 2 and Hardline as Perk 3, this will get you them Scorestreaks faster. Exo Overclock will help you get out of your spawn quicker and any sticky situations. 2 Semtex in the Exo Launcher for added fun. The Rw1 workd great as a secondary in any class because of its 1 shot kill at medium to close range. Just make sure you aim towards the chest. Scorestreaks are UAV with Added Assist Points, The Missile Strike and System Hack.

Pytaek Rapid kills


Class 3 – The Laidback Defender.

This class is great for objective game modes where you will lay back and defend the OBJ wisely. The Pytaek is loaded with the Red Dot Sight and Foregrip for added accuracy and Advanced Rifling for even more added Range. The MP443 Grach as a secondary will help you get out of that sticky situation when you need it. Flak Jacket in Perk 1, Peripherals in Perk 2 and Toughness and Hardwired in Perk 3. Exo Ping is great when you are defending because people will always try flank you when they know you have the OBJ locked down. Peripherals works great for the same reason. The Exo Launcher is loaded with the Smoke Grenade to distort and confuse your enemy. No Scorestreaks needed here, just concentrate in the objective and getting as many kills as possible.

Laid back Defender