Quick Exo Zombies starter guide: Things to know before you start!

Here is a guide to give you some quick tips before you start your battle against the hoards. Below is a map of Outbreak, the Exo Zombies featured map. You can see this map by pressing start when in game. I have labelled the key areas below!

Exo Zombies Outbreak map!

Zombies Quick Tips.

  • You need to turn on the power in different areas of the map unlike Treyarch Zombies where you had to turn on the power for the whole map.
  • You can upgrade all your weapons to level 20 which gives them Royalty camo at level 20. Each level of upgrade will give your weapon different camos and weapon attributes/attachments.
  • There is green zombies that give off poisonous gas which will infect you. Once your’e infected you have to disinfect yourself in the decontamination room.
  • Blue zombies disable your Exo suit similar to EMPs going off!
  • That new weapon featured last week is the┬áCEL-3 Cauterizer. A triple barrel shotgun
  • The Mystery Box is now a 3D printer.

Stay tuned for more Exo Zombies guides and COD news.