RK5 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the RK5 in Black Ops 3

RK5 Defending

The RK5 is 3 round burst pistol in Black Ops 3. Similar to the B23R from Black Ops 2 it’s burst rate cycle is fast. The RK5 is a great secondary weapon to use in close quarter combat because of its fast fire rate and swift burst delay.

If you injure an enemy with your primary and have to switch, you will most likely kill them in one burst with the RK5. Compared to the other pistols the RK5 is the most reliable for run and gun, fast paced players because of the reasons mentioned above.

Recommended Attachments for the RK5 are Extended Mags, Long Barrel and Quickdraw.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 35-29-19 or 3-5 shots to kill
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.1x Headshots
  • Range: Close
  • Rate of Fire: 900RPM, very fast
  • Recoil: Moderate mostly vertical

Best Classes

Class 1 – RK5 Extended Mags

This class is great for those that like to use their pistol a lot. The RK5 is loaded with the Extended Mags attachment. A trip Mine and 2 Shock Charges as equipment. Perks utilized here are Blind Eye, Hard Wired and Engineer. Primary slot is kept open for your choice.

RK5 Shocking

Class 2 – RK5 Stay Stealthy

This is a nice stealthy class. The RK5 is loaded with Quickdraw. Equipment used here is C4 and 2 Concussions. Ghost, Quickdraw and Blast Suppressor as perks. Primary slot empty for your choice.

RK5 Silent and Deadly

Class 3 – RK5 Defending

This is a great class for you defensive players. The RK5 is fitted with the Long Barrel and Quickdraw attachments. Equipment used here is the Trip Mine and EMP. Perks used are Flak Jacket, Cold Blooded and Tactical Mask. The primary slot is kept empty for the players choice.

RK5 Defending