RPR Evo Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the RPR Evo in Infinite Warfare

RPR Evo best class

The RPR is a fully automatic ballistic firearm in Infinite Warfare. This is another hybrid rifle from Call of Duty. Toggling Y or triangle will activate Assault Rifle mode.

A great all round SMG with decent damage and good accuracy. Using the weapon in short to medium range engagements will reward the player the best success. 

Recommended Attachments for the RPR Evo are Grip, Quickdraw and Stock. 


Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 3 to 4 shots to kill
  • Headshot Multiplier: TBA
  • Range: Short
  • Recoil: High
  • Rate of Fire: High


Best Ripper variant

The Ripper is by the far the best RPR Evo variant. It gives the player Rapid Fire and Focus advantages. Rapid Fire gives the weapon integrated Rapid Fire and Focus reduces idle sway while aiming down sights.















Best RPR Evo class

This class is great for run and gun. The RPR Evo is kitted with Quickdraw and Grip. All perks from here in, Ghost, Dexterity, Momentum, Blast Shield and Gung-Ho.


RPR Evo best class