RW1 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the RW1 in Advanced Warfare!

The RW1 is a Break-Action handheld railgun in Advanced Warfare. It fires a high Damage Electromagnetic slug at high velocity.

The weapons best attribute is its very high Damage in Close to Medium range combat. The RW1 has 3 Damage Multipliers. In close quarter combat it will deal a one shot kill if the slug is landed in the Torso or above. The following Damage drop off stats are featured below. Recommended attachments for the RW1 are Advanced Rifling or some sort of Optical attachment like ACOG or the RW1 Scope.

Best Variants.

The best RW1 variants are the Holiday, Rail Driver(both Elite) and the Xeno(Professional). The Holiday adds 2 to Range and takes 1 from Accuracy. It also comes with an integrated ACOG Scope. The Rail Driver, by far the best variant adds 3 to Damage and takes 3 from Accuracy, which can be counteracted some how with an Optical attachment. Finally, the Xeno adds 2 to Damage and takes 1 from Range and Handling.

Weapon stats.

  • Damage: 90-70-45 with Damage Multipliers. One shot kills: Torso, chest and head.
  • Range: Close range weapon.
  • Rate of Fire: 35RPM. Reload after each shot.
  • Reload time: 2s.
  • Recoil: Moderate to high.

Source: Drift0r.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – RW1 Scoper.

This is a nice Stealthy, move quickly while staying alive kind of class. Here the RW1 is loaded with the RW1 Scope for more pinpoint aiming. Lightweight, Fast Hands, Blast Suppressor and Toughness as Perks. Fast Hands helps a lot when switching to and reloading the RW1. Exo Stim is for added health when you need it most. You choose your Primary.

RW1 Scoper

Class 2 – RW1 ACOG.

This class is for playing defensive and the more aware players. Here the RW1 is equipped with Advanced Rifling and the ACOG Scope. Perk 1 is Flak Jacket and Lightweight, Perk 2 is Peripherals and Perk 3 is Scavenger. The Exo Trophy System is equipped in the Exo Ability slot. You choose the Primary.


Class 3 – Advanced Range.

This class is a nice Stealthy rusher type class. The RW1 is loaded with Advanced Rifling for that added Range. Low Profile and Lightweight in Perk 1, Blind eye in Perk 2 and Toughness in Perk 3. Exo Overclock and Lightweight is a great combination when used together. Again, you choose the Primary.

RW1 Advanced Range