SAC3 Gun Review: The best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the SAC3’s in Advanced Warfare!

The SAC3 is an Akimbo only SMG featuring in Advanced Warfare. It has medium Damage with the fastest Fire Rate in it’s class. The Recoil is extremely low, its the accuracy that lets the gun down. However, like most Akimbo weapons it takes practice and patience to improve your skill, and this guide of course.

The SAC3 is a close range weapon and should be used for Close Quarter Combat only. Because of the low range and low accuracy, Advanced Rifling for added range and Toughness for added accuracy are highly recommended.

Best Variants.

The best SAC3 variants are the Pain & Suffering, Thunder & Lightning and the Fire & Brimstone. Pain & Suffering adds 3 to accuracy while sacraficing 2 to Damage and 1 to Range. Thunder & Lightning (unlocked after 300 kills with SAC3) adds 2 to Range, sacraficing 1 to Accuracy and Damage. Finally the Fire & Brimstone adds 2 to Damage and takes 2 from Fire Rate. See below!


Weapon Stats/Technicals.

  • Damage: 25-18.
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x
  • Fast/Slow Reload: 2.1s/1.8s.
  • Rate of Fire: 600RPM-750RPM with Rapid Fire.
  • Recoil: Extremely low.

Source: codwiki.


Below is 3 class setups that work great with the SAC3s.

Class 1 – Die Already.

This class setup is very effective in Team Deathmatch or any game mode where you are going for a long Killstreak. You have your Scavenger and Extended Mags for maximum ammo capacity. 49 in each clip and 192 more in reserve. The Advanced Rifling for the extra range and the Parabolic Microphone to locate enemies using Suppressors on the map. Lightweight so your’e quick on your toes and Peripherals to give you a better and wider view of the battlefield. Exo Ping will reveal enemies nearby for a short duration. UAV and Missile Strikes for Scorestreaks. Toughness is a must have on the SAC3’s.

Long killstreak

Class 2 – Rapid Defender.

This class is for defending objectives up close and personal. Hanging around Flags or in Hardpoints. Flak Jacket to protect you from explosives. Peripherals for a wider view of the HUD, it makes it a lot easier to see where the enemies are spawning. Toughness because its essential when rocking Kimbos and Hardwired for protection from all annoying Scorestreaks. The attachments used here are Advanced Rifling for Range and Rapid Fire for faster kills. The Laser sight makes up for the lost accuracy when using Rapid Fire. The MP443 Grach as a hand gun because the SAC’s are going to lose ammo quick with Rapid Fire equipped. The Scorestreaks are 2 support streaks because you will mainly be defending with this class.

Rapid Defender


Class 3 – Sneaky Rusher.

This class is for the Stealthier run and gun type who likes to have fun. Lightweight and Low Profile are a great combo for staying fast and hidden. Gung-Ho is a great perk with this gun and allows you to run and gun very effectively. Toughness for reasons mentioned above. Because this class is for the fast run and gun type. Extended Mags are essential to avoid slowing down the pace for the sake of reloading more often. Advanced Rifling is going to give you a better edge on enemies at a distance. I don’t use it much but Exo Cloak will keep you concealed for a short duration of time and works well if you have to slow down to reload. I suggest activating it when prone and then reloading. The Explosive Drone is good to leave in the entrance of doorway if you need time to heal or reload. Again the UAV and Missile Strikes as Scorestreaks.

Stealthy Gunner



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