See the next Co-Op mode from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: It still aint Zombies!

So Call of Duty have released the trailer we have all been waiting for. The Co-Op mode trailer has been revealed for Sledgehammer Games’ Advanced Warfare! Welcome to Exo- Survival! Fight your way through rounds of Exo human enemies and flesh hungry Drones. Everything from cloaking enemies, Dual LMG wielding Titans to overhead Drones will attack you as you battle on round by round!

It does look good and I’m impressed with how it looks but it still aint Zombies. I know Treyarch make Zombies so SHG’s was obviously not going to release another Zombies mode but I think it will be hard to live up to how good of a Co-Op Zombies really was! For now we can only wait and see until release day. Tell me what you think below?!

Watch the trailer below! Tonnes more Advanced Warfare content here, make sure to have a look around!