Sheiva Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the Sheiva in Black Ops 3

Sheiva smart play

The Sheiva is a semi automatic Assault Rifle in Black Ops 3. Similar to the FAL from Black Ops 2 this semi auto AR packs a punch and takes enemies out in 2 shots from long range if both shots are direct hits.

The Sheiva equipped with High Caliber can take enemies out with 1 shot to the head at most ranges.

Recommended Attachments for the Sheiva are the Stock, Quickdraw and a Sight of players choice. We recommend the ELO.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 56-52-49 orĀ 2 shots to kill
  • Recoil: Very low
  • Rate of Fire: 257RPM

Class 1 – Sheiva Smart Play

This class is great for players who like to play smart and stealthy. The Sheiva is fitted with the ELO sight and Stock with the L-CAR 9 as secondary. Equipment used here is the Trip Mine and 2 Flashbangs. With Ghost, Cold Blooded and Blast Suppressor as perks. All perks that make sure you are invisible.

Sheiva smart play

Class 2 – Sheiva Defending

This is a great class for the defensive players. The Sheiva is loaded with the Reflex Sight and High Caliber with the BlackCell launcher as secondary. Only the Thermite as equipment. Perks are Sixth Sense, Ghost, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask.

Sheiva defending

Class 3 – Sheiva Quick and Steady

This class is great for players who like to keep the pace up yet be precise about their shots. The Sheiva is loaded with the ELO sight with the MR6 as the secondary with Long Barrel. Equipment used is Frag and 2 Concussions. Perks are Afterburner, Fast Hands and Blast Suppressor.

Sheiva quick and stealthy