SN6 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the SN6 in Advanced Warfare!

The SN6 is a Sub Machine Gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It is best used in close to medium range combat, similar to all SMG’s. The Recoil is manageable on this weapon and a Foregrip is not entirely necessary.

The first 3 rounds of the mag fire faster (800RPM) and the rest fire at the standard (720RPM). The Iron Sights are quite use-able and an Optical attachment is not recommended on the SN6. Advanced Rifling works great on the SN6 to boost the range of the weapon. Rapid Fire is another handy attachment to have to speed up that time to kill. However, if using Rapid Fire, Scavenger or Extended Mags is highly recommended due to the relatively small ammo clip(32 rounds per clip).

Best Variants.

The best SN6 variants are The Third(Elite), Hammer(Enlisted) and Magistrate(Marksman, unlocked after 300 kills). The Third adds 2 to Range and 1 to Damage sacrificing 3 to Handling. The Hammer adds 1 to Damage and takes 4 rounds from the mag size. The Magistrate adds 1 to Accuracy and Range while taking 1 from Handling and Mobility. Money(Elite) is also a great variant which is similar to Magistrate, it adds 1 to Accuracy and Range, takes 1 from Handling, 2 from Mobility but you get 1 added to Reserve Mags giving you more ammo.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 33-18 or 4-6 shots up close & 6 from a distance.
  • Damage Multiplier: 1.2x Headshot
  • Range: Close to Medium range, 4 shots at 15m & 6 at 18m.
  • Fire Rate: First 3 shots at 800RPM rest of mag at 720RPM.
  • Normal/ Fast Reload Speed: 1.08s and 0.82s.
  • Raise/Drop times: 1.03s/.93s.

Source: Drift0r.

Class 1 – Stock Artist.

The SN6 is loaded with the Stock and Advanced Rifling. Advanced Rifling adds that extra Range and Stock works wonders on every SMG. Flak Jacket as Perk 1, Peripherals in Perk 2 and Hardwired and Toughness in Perk 3. Exo Ping here as the Exo Ability. The Tracking Drone in the Exo Launcher if you think some one is moving in on your position. The Atlas 45 Handgun is a trustee secondary in most situations. Scorestreaks used here are the UAV with Extra Assist points and the Missile Strike.

Stock artist


Class 2 – Rapid Scavenger.

This class is a nice stealthy rushing class. The SN6 is kitted out with a Suppressor and Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire works great on the SN6 and really helps with that time to kill. Flak Jacket and Low Profile as pert of Perk 1. Gung-Ho will really help with hip firing while sprinting to the OBJ. Scavenger as Perk 3 will get back some of the extra ammo lost from using Rapid Fire. The Exo Trophy System will keep you protected from incoming projectiles. The Exo Launcher is loaded with 2 Explosive Drones to keep rush routes and flank routes secure. The UAV and Remote Turret are the Scorestreaks used here.

Rapid Scavenger

Class 3 – Quick Rusher.

Here the SN6 has Advanced Rifling, ForeGrip and Quickdraw equipped. This class works well in Search and Destroy. Lightweight and Gung-Ho will keep you light on your feet and ready to take on enemies when your’e sprinting. Toughness and Blast Suppressor in Perk 3, Blast Suppressor works wonders in Search and Destroy because every body will be watching the HUD. Exo Overclock is used here to double up with Lightweight to make you super fast. Scorestreak used here is the UAV.

Quick Rusher