STG44 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the STG44 in Advanced Warfare!

The STG44 is a fully automatic Assault Rifle in Advanced Warfare. The weapons high damage and high fire rate make it a great contender for the Bal or IMR. It works great in all situations whether it be short, medium or long range engagements. The weapons only downside is its high recoil when fired.

The weapon is thought to be very similar to the HBRa3 and sounds surprisingly like it when fired. The gun has taken a lot of criticism for being a copy and paste of the HBRa3.

Recommended Attachments for the STG44 are the Fore Grip, Stock and the Red Dot Sight.

Weapon stats

Damage: 40-33-24 or 3-5 shots to kill.

Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x or 10% more damage.

Range: Medium, very good 3 shot kill range.

Rate of Fire: 720RPM/ High.

Recoil: High.

Source: Drift0r

Best Variants

The best STG44 variants are the Relic(Legendary), Iron Claw and Royalty(both Elite). The Relic adds 1 point to Accuracy and Fire Rate taking 1 from Damage. The Iron Claw adds 1 to Handling and Mobility taking 2 from Range. The Royalty variant adds 1 point to Handling and Mobility and takes 1 from Range. See below!

Class 1 – STG44 Scavenger

This class is great for going on them long killstreaks. The STG44 is fitted with the Foregrip, Stock and Extended Mags. Perks here are Low Profile, Blind Eye, Toughness and Scavenger. The Exo Ability used here is Exo Overclock, Scorestreaks utilized here are the Aerial Assault Drone and Bombing Run both modded.

STG 44 Class 1

Class 2 – STG44 Tough guy

This class is great for the rushy player. The STG44 is kitted with the Foregrip, Extended Mags and Stock. Perks used here are Lightweight, Low Profile, Toughness and Scavenger. Scorestreaks used here are the UAV and the Aerial Recon Drone both modded.

STG44 class 2

Class 3 – STG44 royalty wins

This class is for the really stealthy players who like to play smart. The STG44 is equipped with the Foregrip, Stock and Extended Mags. Perks used in this class are Low Profile, Blind Eye, Blast Suppressor and Scavenger. Exo Overclock as the ability, scorestreaks used are the UAV and System Hack.


STG44 class 3