SVG-100 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the SVG-100 in Black Ops 3

SVG-100 Defending

The SVG is a bolt action Sniper Rifle in Black Ops 3. This weapon like all the bolt action snipers in COD can kill in one shot above the hips, however the SVG-100 can kill in one shot anywhere above the knees.

This sniper rifle is average for quickscoping and Extended Mags is recommended when using the weapon to run and gun because of the small mag size. A point to note is that the SVG does not have any aim assist so aiming will be harder compared to the other snipers.

Recommended Attachments for the SVG are the Rapid Fire, Fast Mags and Ballistics CPU. The Suppressor is also a great attachment on all snipers because it doesn’t negate the damage in any way.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 99 or 1 shot kill above the knees
  • Rate of Fire: 41 RPM
  • Recoil: Non

Best Classes

Class 1 – SGV-100 Sixth Sense

This SVG is great for stealthy game modes like Search and FFA. The SVG-100 is fitted with the Rapid Fire, Fast Mags and Ballistics CPU with the L-CAR 9 as secondary. Equipment used here is the Combat Axe. Perks are Sixth Sense, Tracker and Awareness.

SVG-100 Sixth Sense

Class 2 – SVG-100 Ghost

This class works great to keep you off the mini map. The SVG-100 is loaded with FMJ, Fast Mags and Rapid Fire with the MR6 as secondary. Equipment used here is Flashbang. Perks are Ghost, Fast Hands and Blast Suppressor.

SVG-100 Ghost

Class 3 – SVG-100 Defending

This one is for you players that love defending. The SVG-100 is kitted with Extended Mags, Rapid Fire and Ballistics CPU with the RK5 as secondary. Equipment utilized here is the Trip Mine. Perks are Flak Jacket, Fast Hands and Tactical Mask.

SVG-100 Defending