Tac-19 Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the Tac-19 in Advanced Warfare!

The Tac-19 is a Pump-Action Directed Energy weapon in Advanced Warfare. The Tac-19 is a great run and gun shotgun for close quarter combat because of its high Damage rate. However, the player must have a good aim because they most definitely will not have enough time to reload the pump action and fire again.

The Recommended Attachments for the Tac-19 are Advanced Rifling to make up for the shotguns terrible Range. Stock also works great for rushing and the Laser Sight will allow the player to more easily fire from the hip.

Best Variants.

The best Tac-19 variants are the Upper Cut(Professional), Breacher(Enlisted) and the Roundhouse(Professional). The Upper Cut adds 1 to Damage and the Accuracy and takes 1 from Range and Mobility. The Breacher adds 1 to Damage and takes 1 from Range. This variant adds 1 pellet to the round. The Roundhouse adds 1 to Range and Fire Rate and takes 1 from Handling and Mobility.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 50-30 (x8), 400-200.
  • Rate of Fire: 89RPM.
  • Reload Time: 0.467s.


Best Classes.

Class 1 – Parabolic Profile.

This class is great for stealthy rushing. The Tac-19 is loaded with the Red Dot Sight, Parabolic Microphone and Advanced Rifling. Perks here are Low Profile, Lightweight, Gun-Ho, Scavenger  and Blast Suppressor. Exo Ability s the Exo Overclock.

Tac 19 Parabolic Profile

Class 2 – Heavy Stock.

This class is great for those that like to go on long killstreaks while defending objectives. Here the Tac is loaded with Extended Mags, Stock and Advanced Rifling. The MP443 Grach as the Secondary and Exo Trophy System as the Ability. One Stun Grenade in the launcher.

Tac 19 Heavy Stock

Class 3 – Enhanced Aiming.

This class is great for clearing out objectives fast. The Tac-19 is loaded with the Target Enhancer, Quickdraw Grip and the Foregrip. Perks are Lightweight, Fast Hands, Hard Wired and Toughness. The PDW is a great Secondary in any class. The Exo Mute Device is great when approaching bombs for a defuse and the Variable Grenade comes in handy for different situations.

Tac 19 Enhanced Aiming