Ultimate Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips: Search and Destroy best Weapons/Attachments, Perks, Exo Abilities and Strategies!

Whether you love it or hate it, Search and Destroy has to be the most tactical of all the game modes. You only get one chance per round. So if you fuck it up, you’re sitting on the side lines watching your team mates slug it out for the remainder of the round. Sometimes this can get annoying, especially if your team mates are deaf, dumb and blind.

So now its time to improve your game play, well you’re in the right place. Below we give our best Search and Destroy recommendations on weapons, attachments, perks, exo abilities and strategies/tips.

Best Weapons and Attachments

The best weapons you can use in Search and Destroy will depend on a few things. What is your objective? Are you attacking or defending the bomb site? Is the map large/open spaced or does it have lots of areas for close quarter combat? Ask yourself these questions before you start and plan your classes accordingly.

  • Recommended Assault Rifles: HBRa3, Bal 27.
  • Recommended Sub Machine Guns: ASM1, Kf5.
  • Recommended Heavy Weapons: Ameli.
  • Recommended Sniper Rifles: MORS as secondary.
  • Recommended Shotguns: Bulldog.
  • Recommended Pistols: PDW.

When using any weapon in Search and Destroy, make sure to always have a Suppressor equipped. Its a stealthy, quick paced game mode so a suppressor will make sure you don’t give away your position.

If using an Assault Rifle, equip a Suppressor, maybe the Parabolic Microphone or a Fore Grip for added accuracy. If you choose to run an SMG, a Suppressor, Fore Grip and Quickdraw works great. If the Heavy Weapon category is your preference, keep in mind a Foregrip and any Optical attachment. For Snipers, the Thermal Scope or Ballistic CPU works great. Shotgun classes should include a Suppressor, Quickdraw and or the Laser Sight for added hip fire accuracy.

Best Perks

The best perks for Search and Destroy should be focused around stealth and speed.

  • Perk 1 slot, you should definitely be using Lightweight and or Low Profile.
  • Perk 2 slot, you should use either Blind Eye or Cold-Blooded. If using an SMG, Gung-Ho should be a priority. This is a great perk and should be used with every SMG class.
  • Perk 3 slot is very important for Search players. Blast Suppressor is an extremely important perk to have active in all your Search classes. Listen, you might as well kill yourself when the round begins if you don’t have Blast Suppressor equip in Search and Destroy. Toughness is also a good tier 3 perk but most necessary when running HW’s or SMG’s.

Best Exo Abilities

The best Exo Abilities to use in Search and Destroy are Exo Overclock and the Exo Mute Device. Exo Overclock works great combined with Lightweight and the Exo Mute Device because of its obvious stealth advantage. Also, two abilities that work great together are Exo Cloak and Exo Hover. If you can get into the enemies spawn quick enough before them realizing, jump into the air and hover invisibly and just pick them off from behind.


  1. If you’re running solo when playing Search, the best thing we can recommend you do is rush. If you’re not the hunter, you’re being hunted! So with an SMG and Suppressor, Lightweight and Exo overclock run as quick as you can into their spawn and get as many kills as possible. Even if you’re not successful, you will learn for the next time.
  2. Try running middle map, side map, high ground, low ground. SnD routes are about trial and error and keep trying them to see which ones work the best!
  3. If you have the bomb with a minute or two left on the clock, don’t go for the plant straight away. Hold back and try pick off some enemies first. Leave the planting until the last few seconds on the clock.
  4. However, if you are the only one on the map with three or four enemies left and you can handle some heat. Planting the bomb can be a good idea to lure your enemies into one spot.
  5. If you’re playing with a team, you can probably slow down the game play a bit because you can depend on your team mates that little bit more. Stay close to your team mates and run in groups of two or three if you can.
  6. If defending and you kill the bomb carrier keep in mind where the bomb is dropped. To win the round the enemies need to either kill you and your team or plant and destroy the bomb. If you stay near the bomb and hold your own, this will ensure the other team won’t get the win.
  7. Always keep in mind the enemies kill count. If they haven’t got enough kills for a UAV for example, you will not need to run Low Profile. So your first round class should not have Low Profile equip. Again, take a look at the enemy teams kill count, if you think they have not achieved a UAV, don’t bother running LP, save your point for a Stun or EMP grenade.