Ultimate Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Tips: Team Deathmatch best Weapons/Attachments, Perks, Exo Abilities and Strategies!

Team Deathmatch is an old classic game mode that we all enjoy but lets face it, its even better when you dump on everyone, get them big Scorestreaks and your’e on top of the leaderboard for the whole game. Oh yes, and when you win of course. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best weapons/attachment, perks, exo abilities and strategies for Team Deathmatch in Advanced Warfare.


Best Weapons and Attachments

The best weapons for Team Deathmatch should be focused on the map type. If the map has a lot of open, long range engagements, an Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun or Sniper should be used. If the map is built for close range combat, you should use a Sub Machine Gun or Shotgun. After you have your most relevant weapon chosen for each map, you should concentrate on the Attachments.

  • Recommended Assault Rifles: Bal 27, HBRa3, AK-12.
  • Recommended Sub Machine Guns: ASM1, KF5, SN6.
  • Recommended Sniper Rifles: MORS and Atlas 20mm.
  • Recommended Heavy Weapons: Ameli and Pytaek.

If your’e running an Assault Rifle, try running a Suppressor, Parabolic Microphone and some sort of Optical attachment for them long range engagements. Same goes for LMG’s, but if using a Sniper Rifle make sure to keep in mind the Ballistic CPU or the Thermal Scope.

If your’e on a smaller map using a Sub Machine Gun, whack on Advanced Rifling, Quickdraw and Extended Mags. If you like running shotguns, Advanced Rifling, Quickdraw and the Laser Sight work a charm.

Best Perks

The best Perks for Team Deathmatch should be based around stealth and speed. If you want to get them top Scorestreaks, you want to be fast and quiet.

  • Perk 1: Low Profile and Lightweight or Scavenger when using an SMG.
  • Perk 2: Peripherals and Cold Blooded or Gung-Ho when using an SMG.
  • Perk 3: Toughness and Hardline to help get them big Scorestreaks faster.

Exo Abilities

The best Exo Abilities to use in Team Deathmatch should again be based around stealth and speed. Overclock works great when combined with Lightweight and Exo Cloak works really well when you have to stop to reload or to get your bearings.

Best Strategies

  1. Keep pushing forward, don’t slow down in Team Deathmatch.
  2. Keep an eye on your Heads Up Display, everyone in TDM will be running Suppressors but they will not escape your Parabolic Microphone. Peripherals will make sure you have a wide view of the battlefield.
  3. Keep in mind where your team mates are on the mini map. The enemies are spawning in the other direction. GO there!
  4. Never hang around to much in the one spot. “Camping” as the COD community likes to call it! But seriously, if you do, the spawns will just end up flipping and you’ll be surrounded by enemies. Try and stay towards the center of the map or any busy area of the map.
  5. Try and become more aware of your environment, Call of Duty maps are designed to be cluttered with random stuff like crates, dumpsters, cars etc. So use them as cover and always stay close to them as you move through the map.