VMP Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the VMP in Black Ops 3

VMP off the radar

The VMP is a fully automatic Sub Machine Gun in Black Ops 3. The weapon has a very high rate of fire which makes it a popular go to weapon for rushing and fast paced playing styles.

The VMP can kill in 4 to 5 shots which isn’t the strongest. However its fast fire rate makes up for it and it is one of the more popular SMG’s in the game. Plus it has a decent size clip which also compensates for the fast fire rate.

Recommended Attachments for the VMP are Long Barrel, Grip and Quickdraw.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 4-5 shots to kill
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x or 10% more damage for headshots
  • Fire Rate: 900 RPM
  • Recoil: Moderate

Check out this quick guide video by iSynthesise

Class 1 – VMP Off the Radar

This class is a great stealth class. The VMP is kitted with the Long Barell with the RK5 as secondary. Equipment used here is the C4 and 2 Concussions. Perks are Ghost, Fast Hands and Gung-Ho.

VMP off the radar

Class 2 – VMP Just for Kills

This class is strictly for going ape and racking up kills. The VMP is fitted with 4 attachments. The Suppressor, Long Barrel, Laser Sight and Grip. The rest just perks, Sixth Sense, Tracker and Awareness.

VMP Just Kills

Class 3 – VMP Defending from close quarter combat

This class is great for close quarter combat. The VMP is kitted with Stock and Grip with the KRM-262 as the secondary. Equipment used here Trip Mine and Shock Charge. Perks are Flak Jacket, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask.

VMP Defend close quarters

  • Revdanjones

    Long barrel doesn’t do anything on smgs…

  • Rekt

    I prefer the kuda or razorback when it comes to smgs

  • Brandon Gorath

    the class he or she made is so bad i personaly would use quickdrall grip exended maggs or fast maggs

  • Armaan

    It sucks i have tried it and i got 0 kill 38 deaths. I would prefer a VMP with Elo, Extended mag, Fast mags, Grip, Laser sight, Long barrel or Stock.