What are Supply Drops in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? Get the low down here!

Michael Condrey discusses Call of Duty’s all new Supply Drops in his latest Multiplayer Advanced Warfare Training video. Supply Drops are Call of Duty’s new Reward System. XP is still going to be the backbone to ranking up in Advanced Warfare but Supply Drops are going to give players a new way of going about it. Supply Drops will be rewarded to players through time played and in game Challenges!

Supply Drops Rewards will contain more than a 1000 items which will be grouped into 3 categories: Weapon Loot, Character Gear and Reinforcements. These Rewards come in 3 variables: Enlisted, Professional and Elite!

UPDATE: We now have a cool info-graph post that shows you the likeliness of receiving different types of loot in Supply Drops! Check it out over here!

enlisted, pro and elite


So lets talk about the Reward Categories:

Weapon Loot

  • Custom weapons will be rewarded through Supply Drops.
  • Weapons will have all different camos.
  • There stats will be modified differently in relation to their base stats.
  • Provides players with an unprecedented amount of option to suit their play style.
  • Because there is such difference in each Supply Drop loot, there is nearly 350 custom weapons to obtain.


Character Gear

  • All new and ultimate customization of character gear.
  • From eyewear, helmets, tops, loadouts, gloves, pants, kneeguards, boots and exo.
  • Allows players to show off all their customizable gear inside the all new virtual lobby.

character gear 2



  • One time use Reinforcements which are activated during a match that provide players with Scorestreaks and even Perks.
  • Helps players obtain Scorestreaks that they otherwise find hard to get.

supply drop example


Watch the video here

Tell us what you think of the new Supply Drops in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? Looking forward to it?

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