Widowmaker Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants and Attachments for the Widowmaker in Infinite Warfare

Widowmaker Best class

The Widowmaker is a 2 round burst bolt action ballistic sniper rifle in Infinite Warfare. It features a chamber stack for predictable 2 round burst fire. It also features a lightweight mold for increased mobility.

The Widowmaker is a great sniper rifle best used conservatively from long range. Its 2 round burst gives it some nice stopping power.

Recommended Attachments for the Widowmaker are Extended Mags, Tracking Chip and Grip.


Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 2 round kill
  • Headshot Multiplier: TBA
  • Range: Long range
  • Recoil: Moderate
  • Rate of Fire: High


Best Widowmaker Variant

Coming soon..


Best Widowmaker Class

This is a great class at maximizing the Widowmakers accuracy and damage. The Widowmaker is fitted with Tracking Chip, FMJ, Grip and Extended Mags with the Oni as a secondary. Perks here are Blast Shield, Tac Resist and Marksman.

Widowmaker Best class