XMG Gun Review: Best Class setups, Variants & Attachments for the XMG in Advanced Warfare!

The XMG are Dual Wielded only Heavy Weapons in Advanced Warfare. One can only expect that the Accuracy of these weapons are terrible and right they are.

Unless the player is in Lockdown mode, they will have a hard time hitting anything from far and even close quarter with the XMG. The player is essentially turned into a turret and the XMG’s are great for standing in a corner near an objective in Lockdown Mode and spraying the fuck out of the enemies.

Recommended Attachments are Laser Sight, Rapid Fire and Extended Mags.

Best Variants.

The best XMG variants are the Bacon and Eggs(Elite), Bread and Butter(Elite) and the Chicken and Waffles(Marksman). The Bacon and Eggs adds 3 points to Damage and takes 3 from Accuracy. The Bread and butter adds 3 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Damage. However, 2 Reserve Magazines are taken from this XMG variant. The Chicken and Waffles adds 2 to Fire Rate and takes 1 from Accuracy and Handling. This variant is unlocked after 300 kills with the XMG.

Weapon Stats.

  • Damage: 25-20 or 4-5 shots to kill.
  • Damage Multipliers: Head – 1.4x, Neck – 1.2x, Upper Torso – 1.1x.
  • Rate of Fire: Standard – 600RPM, Lock Down Mode – 800RPM.

Source: codwiki.

Best Classes.

Class 1 – Parabolic Psycho.

This class is great for Team Deathmatch. The XMG has Rapid Fire and the Parabolic Microphone equipped. The PDW as a secondary for backup. Perks are Danger Close, Overcharged, Peripherals and Toughness. Exo Cloak as the Exo Ability. Scorestreaks here the UAV, XS1 Vulcan and the Missile Strike.

XMG Parabolic Psycho

Class 2 – Laser Crossbow.

This class is great for close quarter combat fighting. The XMG is kitted with Laser Sight and Rapid Fire. Perks are Lightweight, Flak Jacket, Gung-Ho and Toughness. Exo Stim as the Exo Ability. Scorestreaks here are the UAV and the Bombing run.

XMG laser crossbow

Class 3 – Eat my bullets.

This class is great for long Killstreak, close to the objective defending. The XMG is loaded with Extended Mags and Rapid Fire. Perks here are Flak Jacket, Cold-Blooded, Scavenger and Toughness. Exo Hover as the Exo Ability. Here the Scorestreaks are UAV, Orbital Care Package and the Paladin.

XMG Eat my bullets