XR-2 Gun Review: Best Class setups and Attachments for the XR-2 in Black Ops 3

XR-2 All Around

The XR-2 is a 3 round burst Assault Rifle in Black Ops 3. The XR-2 can kill in 1 burst from close range and 2 bursts from long range if all bullets land.

The XR-2 is best used for laid back game play like sitting back and watching objectives. It’s recommended to side step and move as much as possible while firing bursts in case you miss your first burst or so.

Mastering the burst fire is mastering the XR-2. Use the gun as much as possible and get to know the burst delay. However, keep in mind that holding down the trigger will fire the weapon at its maximum speed between burst delays.

Recommended Attachments for the XR-2 are Quickdraw, Long Barrel and a Scope of the players choice. Rapid Fire also decreases the burst delay of this weapon if your’e having problems getting used to it.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 40-30 orĀ 1 to 2 bursts to kill but usually a 2 burst.
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.1x
  • Rate of Fire: 857RPM
  • Recoil: Low

Best Class setups

Class 1 – XR-2 Defend the Flags

This class is great for defending flags and objectives. The XR-2 is fitted with the Reflex Scope and Quickdraw with the XR-2 as secondary. Equipment used here is the Smoke Grenade. Perks are Flak Jacket, Sixth Sense, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask.

XR-2 Defend the flag

Class 2 – XR-2 Get them Scorestreaks

This class is great for getting Scorestreaks faster. The XR-2 comes loaded with the Reflex, long Barrel and Quickdraw with the MR6 in the secondary. Equipment used in this class is the C4 and EMP grenade. Perks are Overclock, Ante Up and Engineer.

XR-2 Get them scoresreaks

Class 3 – XR-2 All Around

This XR-2 class works great for all game modes. The XR-2 has the ELO sight, Long Barrel, Quickdraw and Suppressor attached. Perks used in this class are Ghost, Scavenger and Blast Suppressor.

XR-2 All Around